Thursday, April 23, 2009

23/04/09: Good As Gold

I love that Wellington store Good As Gold has an online store now. Although I'm not usually a skirt girl (as anyone who knows me can attest) I am covetting these tight little babies. The Salasai and Stolen Girlfriends Club ones both have a similiar silhouette - v sexy. And I die for that mens Claude Maus tee (am hunting EVERYWHERE for some galaxy print pieces). And does that maze necklace look like something out of The Labyrinth or what!
Left to Right: Salasai Zipped up skirt, Stolen Girlfriends Club Black skull pendant, Claude Maus Galaxy tee, Stolen Girlfriend's Club Suspender skirt, Turn Me On Design Ringmaze pendant, Lover Lovebomb leather skirt.
Source: Good As Gold

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Bee said...

Love the Lover leather skirt. Although at 50% off it would still break the bank! Sigh!