Saturday, April 25, 2009

New Goodies: Doc Martens & Karen Walker

Ok I lie, these aren't exactly new. Ive had them a few weeks, but have been to lazy to charge my camera. I finally found the perfect pair of vintage docs - at Tatty's in Ponsonby - a now I dont know how I've survived without them! So comfortable and warm for my circulation-deprived feet. And just before my little sisters birthday I went into Karen Walker to buy her a couple of little goodies (hairtie, keyring etc) and what did they have? Some new chunky skull ropes. Snapped one up on the spot. And LOVE it.


Stephanie said...

I have circulation problems tooo! it's such a downer: my feet get sooooo red and they tingle when they're too hot. Ugh. i dread sandal season.


Emma said...

Omygosh same!! The frequently are totally numb, and are usually purple, blue, red or white. And I get chilblains too. horrible! so I never wear heels in winter! Glad Im not the only one hun!

Cindy said...

love the skull. i need some docs too, i'm loving the darker coloured florals and the black patent heeled ones. i had platform heel ones in 8th grade. and i loved them to death.