Monday, April 27, 2009

Two Wheelers

God I wish Auckland was flatter... So jealous of everyone overseas looking super chilled on their bikes. And Mary Kate's has a basket! Classic. Love the jewelry combo and the big navy smock dress.
Source: Olsen Files


Miann said...

I dunno, MK on a pretty bike just seems so wannabe. Chloe Sevigny seems so much more at home on a bike.

I'm in the process of cleaning up my mum's old bike for when I move into the city. Fuck walking.

Stephanie said...

omgod how cute is MK on her bike?! clearly, it's the influence of Nate, but i l o v e it and i love that you mentioned her basket, cause it's the perfect accent. ive always said that i need a basket on a recycled bicycle, but i have yet to thrift a bike, and the fact that Mtl has such aggressive drivers and a history of road rage between bikers and drivers really doesn't sell me on the idea for this city! lol!


isabelle said...

cool glasses!