Tuesday, April 28, 2009

RAFW: Arnsdorf & Dion Lee

Ive been loving cropped tops lately - still yet to find the perfect cropped tee unfortunately - so I understandably adore these looks from Arnsdof. Love that they executed something thats quite loaded with connotations (youth, 80s/90s, sometimes trashy) in elegant fabrics and paired them with great bottoms like the silky wide leg pants (rarely see a pant in that style thats so gorgeously fluid and delicate) and the tan pants (female chinos much?) and safari-esque shorts.

After falling in love with his designs online and in Australian Vogue, I was super amped to see Dion Lee's new collection. And he certainly did not disappoint, getting rave reviews. The general consensus seems to be he is a bright new hope for the future of Australian fashion.
The collection was slick, sexy and futuristic - thoroughly modern as opposed to the retrofuturism weve been seeing a bit of lately. Tailored, sculptural but still very fluid. Lee pushed his use of cut outs, panels and folds even further. I die for those insane jackets - elbow cut outs anyone? Seriously doesn't have nice elbows.

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Miann said...

Yeah I agree Dion Lee fucking killed it today.