Wednesday, April 29, 2009

RAFW: Kate Sylvester & Antipodium

Kate Sylvester's "Take A Hike" collection was, by all accounts, a slam dunk for the kiwi contingent over at RAFW. Looks I loved most were the ones that stuck to a pastel palette of khakis and pretty baby blues and pinks. Who'd have thought that khaki shorts could actually look covetable? Also love the Props to K.S. Love the knitted shorts in the second look - Ive been nagging Mama for months to knit me a pair, so will def up my game. And the pants/socks/whatevertheyare combo in the third shot looks amazing. Want some! And the harness-y things the models were wearing are super cute to!

Love love Antipodium's collection - grungy/sexy/frumpy/boyish. All these pieces are pretty much perfect;  loose tanks and singlets, bike shorts (I've been addicted to my short ones all winter, now wanting a longer length pair after seeing this look)...
.. And lots of sexily baggy (and perfect blue) denim - who'd have thought? And that socks and sandals could look super cute?! Thats a look thats been growing on me lately thanks to some collections, editorials, and Chloe Sevigny at Coachella.


Miann said...

You know what's awesomly retarded?

I bought two pairs of vintage wranglers about two days ago, and they look EXACTLY like the antipodium ones... for 50c.

Emma said...

I so agree!! Love it when that happens, and you smuggly to yourself every time you wear them (or see an expensive designer version in a mag).