Saturday, April 11, 2009


This is insanely badass. Maryna Linchuck (love her) totally kils it. Wet hair, high shine leather, studs, metal, chains. I die.
And there are Givenchy's killer Spring 09 pants with a metal corset. Does it seriously get any sicker than this?! Perfect.

Numéro Issue #101 "Factory" Maryna Linchuck


Stephanie said...

o m g o d
do i n e e d to tell you how
h o t i think this all is?!!
i'm totally lusting over it all right now and i a d o r e lynchuk!!!! ;)

Thank you so much for your super sweet comment, lady :)


Fashion Moment said...



D E E said...

I saw this and thought it was great too!