Friday, September 4, 2009

4/09/09: Net-A-Porter Classics

I think my brain gets a little fatigued from the constant onslaught of print, studs, denim, leather, fur etc that I feed it. Some times it just needs a cool breath of air in the form of simple classics - that lack all the bells and whistles, but are all the better for it.

It's very much "borrowed from the boys" with perfect shirts, cool slouchy jackets and flat shoes, but is feminised with elements like a tight leather skirt just peeping from your shirt tails.
Source: Net-A-Porter


Jessie said...

Hey i've just discovered your blog and it's brilliant! Great to see another NZ blogger and I read that you're working with Rumi when she comes to NZ for fw?! Lucky! =) xx

Emma said...

Thankyou so much :) I love sweet comments like this.