Thursday, September 10, 2009

Jalouse February 2009

"The Goonies"
I love this. The nostalgia, grungy Americana and the filmic qualities of it. The letterman jacket and denim vest are iconic and too perfect.

Oh man no way. TLC were so late 90s and I was a nineties child. This is too good.


Cindy said...

these are so great. jalouse is such a cool magazine. too bad it's so hard to get here. i might have to track it down in nyc.
i adore the goonies. it's funny how you can get so much inspiration from a film where the characters wear only one outfit. empire records, goonies, ferris bueller, run lola run. those are all iconic for me.

i had the best comment the other day when i guy stumble on my blog through a spy sunglass google search and said i reminded him of slone from ferris bueller. i don't exactly see it myself but i was so flattered.

Emma said...

oh that's awesome!!! I once got told I reminded someone of Stacey from Lords Of Dogtown haha i still dont know what to say about that.

One outfit movies are amazing - I'm always inspired by Stand By Me, love.