Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Summer 09/10 - Cassette Society

It's slowly warming up here in Auckland - occasionaly I've even been able to stand bare arms or legs for a brief period of time! So I'm starting to think about spring and summer pieces that I can realisticly get my hands on - so expect a mild slew of posts in this vein over the next we while.

Aussie label Cassette Society has some geat pieces that would be super easy to wear - cofortable, a bit grungy and feral (excellent) and will fit right in with everything I have already.
The stonewash denim is a nice move on from the acidwash that has been so ubiquitous lately, and totally reminds me of my childhood in early 90s Bris-Vegas. Choice!

Source: The Cassette Society

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Leah said...

Love love love the grey stone wash dress on the right in the 1st image!