Sunday, September 6, 2009

Risto Bimbiloski

I'm a sucker for a good galaxy/celestial/heavenly print (am still obsessed with Ksubi, Peter Pilotto and Christopher Kane's versions) so I loved what I've found from Risto Bimbiloski. The perfect print!! Need.

Left to Right: Silk Galaxy Pants, Silk Galaxy Shorts, Galaxy Mini Dress, Galaxy Leggings
Source: Assembly


Leah said...

Ohh emm geeeeee. The last pants are to die for.

Cindy said...

the shorts and the leggings are so great.

Katie said...

This a random, but I think these would look great on Ladyhawke lol, totally go with her image!

growlgasm said...

ANY idea where I can purchase something like the pair on the far right? I am speechless/inlove ..
Please let me know!

I will be forever grateful.

KH said...

"Space is the breath of art" -Frank Lloyed Wright.

Reposting the Risto dress. Great post :)