Wednesday, September 9, 2009

This Is Fur Real

Because sometimes all you need to wear is fur and lingerie.
And this of course reminds me of the infamous Marianne Faithfull "girl in the fur rug" incident.

Cover Sept 09 "This Is Fur Real"


WildFlower said...

Hey, man your blog is great! Found it by googling Deadly Ponies bag pics and you came up. Love their stuff, really want one of their satchels.
Im from Chch but live in Melbourne now, so Aotearoa blogger big ups!!!!

Emma said...

Thanks dude! Oh melbourne is ace, I lived there when I was a kid. love all the culture and ethnicities and how it feels so metropolitan.

You know you can purchase Deadly Ponies online at several sites? let me know if you want the links!

I love Mr Sling, Mr Backpack, and Mr Flower Pouch

Cheers again :D