Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Do any of you fashion-fiends know where I can find the following: spotty pantyhose, tan brogues & a breton/matelot stripe top (navy and cream)???

I'm desperate! Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!
Left to Right: Vogue Australia Sept 09 "Short & Suite", Alexa Chung, Balenciaga Fall 09

Left to Right: Burberry Nautical Striped Sweater, A.P.C Fine Wool Sweater, Day Birger Et Mikkelsen Long Striped T-Shirt


Anonymous said...

Funnily enough, I've been looking around for the exact same things! For the Breton stripes shirt, try the new Quicksilver women's range (I found them at an outlet store, but you could ask at surf shops like Northbeach may be?). They're perfect, no logos or anything.

Spotty tights at Smith & Caugheys & tan leather brogues at Mi Piaci. Hope that helps!


Anonymous said...

For tan brogues, give Solestruck.com a look - particularly what Jeffrey Campbell has on offer. I've got the metropolitan brogue booties and they are divinnee. They ship to NZ :)

Katie said...

Try Smith and Caugheys Queen St for the stockings, I saw some similar ones in there in their sale a while ago, I think they were Columbine ones...Good luck!

bonnie said...

I know that you can get those tights from here http://www.mytights.com/mytights/5059.html but theyre not exactly cheap! and I bought a stripey top like those from Marks and spencers the other day for £7 (not in the sale!)...although i dont know if you live in the uk or not. :)

topshop used to do tanned brogues...maybe check ebay or etsy

Enya said...

I've got a pair of Emilio Cavallini spotted tights from Smith and Caughey's. I bought them a while ago though, after seeing them in the 'Deluxe suite 16' spread in FQ winter 08...not sure if they still sell them. Hope this helps!

Cindy said...

the have the great tights here. i bough the heart ones but they are very delicate.
topshop has some in brown too.

for breton tops i love saint jameshttp://www.saintjames-usa.com/women-nautical-t-shirts.php?num=0&id=00000115

Emma said...

Thanks everyone!!! Yeah I went to Smith & Caugheys newmarket on the weekend, but they had none and the sales girl looked at me like I was crazy. I'll hit up the Queen St store today with hopefully better luck.

I raid all the chain stores for a striped top in case I get lucky, if not I'll resort to turning my hard earned dollar into a measly pound on topshop :( HATE the exchange rate.

Shall look at both vintage stores and Mi Piaci etc for brogues.

Thankyou everyone!!!


Isaac Likes said...

At the army surplus place apparently:


Anonymous said...

I have all those things all from the op shop, try a few in an hour and you will find

Anonymous said...

I got me some spotty tights from Farmers, they're the Lyric brand, but that was a while ago and I went to buy some more because mine tore too badly to even look cool, and they only had spotty knee highs.

Glassons had a breton-ish stripy top a while back, it wasn't navy though but brighter blue, and kind of leotard shaped (low scoop neck at the front and back).

Hollie Sarah said...

Topshop do a lovely range of tights, they ship to New Zealand from the british site. Hope this helps! xx

p.s. I adore your blog!