Friday, September 11, 2009

Anticipating: Karen Walker

You all know I'm a total Karen Walker groupie, so understandably I am dying with excitement to see what she pulls out of the bag at New York Fashion Week.

Lucky for us, our boy Isaac from Isaac Likes is over in New York and went to visit Karen. His post is a must read! He has some tantalising hints of what the collection is like:
- "plenty of masculine blazers and pants (including beige pleated), lots of prints and some straw hats"
- "Gold buttons on blazers feature a peace sign"
- " 'It's a nautical resort, holiday kinda feel.... There are lots of tanks and navy blazers and stripy breton tee shirts and just that really great 60s seaside resort feel which I've always loved.' - Karen Walker "
- Chukka boots

Oh man, sounds too good. Im dying!

And I thought I'd include some of my favorite looks from her recent collections. Can't wait to see the upcoming show!

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