Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Sooo... I've FINALLY paid off my Claude Maus leather skinnies. You probably all forget about them as I first mentioned them forever ago. So worth the wait. They fit like a dream, are warm but not stifling, and buttery soft. Not to mention practical - great for rainy windy days (road tested those conditions yesterday).
Claude Maus Leather Leggings, Stuart Weitzman wedges, Karen Walker jewellery, Tissot watch, Supre tee.

I'm also digging the new lipstick I got from MAC "Neon Orange", although as I'm even fairer than usual at the moment (thanks winter) it basically looks hot red on me. Which I like!


ilovecoolthings said...

They look great!! I just feel like every pair i try give me the jumbo thighs because of the shine... boooooo

Zoe Bee said...

I love your last few posts! thumbs up to orange lipstick! I have been hungrily desiring a tube in one of MAC's orange shades for months but let it get to the back of my mind until now! and your post on Romance Was Born has me wanting their Clam Shell Dress - soo pretty!
keep up the awesome work!

Emma said...

ilovecoolthings: i think every female in the world has some thigh insecurity - these are quite good though because the leather is quite soft and matte, so not too much thigh-enlarging shine.
if you are after some thighslimming textured pants go for velvet!

Zoe Bee: Thanks hun! have probably been blogging too much and neglecting my uni work, but theres been too much amazing content to post!!


ryder said...

differnt shoes would be better, or at least different color. you look good - model style.