Thursday, January 1, 2009

Brave New Shorts

Now the weathers getting properly hot (have finally been able to wear sheer things) I am tempted to try the super short shorts (aka basically briefs) trend - also picked up by Style.Com - that has been all over the Spring runways at houses like Stella McCartney, Marc Jacobs, Max Azria and adorning the pins of Natasha Poly...
Is this doable/appropriate or even clothing? How to make it look like I didn't just forget my skirt? Im thinking I buy high waist and boy leg black underwear - thickish fabric? Verging on Bridget Jones (a little bit of nana-ness will hopefully stop them looking slutty) and I think if paired with a buttoned shirt, lots of jewelry and proper make up so its dressed up and a "look" (as much as I'd love to just throw on a loose tee and my ballet flats - that would look as if I just rolled out of bed). Its also a worry that I live in the suburbs (as suburban as you can get - lots of elderly, young families, and 100% bland middle class).. Will be an interesting experiment. I think there will need to be a fair few practice outfits in the comfort (and privacy!) of my bedroom..

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