Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Vogue Paris March 09

Source: Le Fashion

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Stephanie said...

Love this editorial and great selection of London's best yet, below ;)

The book is amazing! Definitely read it. Did you know she did everything in her power to make sure people didn't cooperate/the book wouldn't be published?! She's such a fascinating person for her relentless ambition, conviction, composure and curious nature.

The book really helps to paint a background for someone who we see a lot of pictures of but rarely, if ever, hear speak. Oh and here's the silver lining in what i've read so far: apparently she really can't stand women! The book goes back to this point a lot and it makes you wonder where Vogue's moral compass is, if the woman at the helms despises her audience...also makes you wonder what she's really thinking when she's sitting next to Carine Roitfeld (in some of the benefit dinner pictures we see).