Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I Have Missed You

She has been laying low for a while, but now our girl Mary Kate has shown up everywhere looking insanely stunning.

This black dress at the Independent Spirit awards is so chic.

And this white blazer (Stella McCartney? Probz!) has been one of her key pieces this past week. Love the monochromatic outfit below - and how refreshing a white jacket is for winter. And the sunglasses (they remind me of the Karen Walker ones I have been going on about.)

She also wore it really well with blue and the same scarf - and Nicole! 
Ps: How amazing is the cut of her shoes?
MKs accessorizing lately has just blown me away. Love the tons of bi-tone jewelry.

And finally, here are some shots from Fashion Magazine (Canada)
Source: Olsen Files

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Cindy said...

the blazer is elizabeth and james i believe