Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Boogie Nights

I finally watched Boogie Nights today (its been on my film list for a long time) and I was really impressed! Mark Wahlberg was amazing. The film portrayed that glamorously seedy side of the late seventies, and the growing porn industry really well. Gorgeous colours. Heather Graham's "Roller Girl" and Julianne Moore's "Amber Waves" were both gorgeous, savvy - yet had an endearing vulnerability and damaged quality. Love the wavy hair, crimping, knee socks, hotpants, pastels and flowers.

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Cindy said...

i love this movie too. it always puts that, "i got a brand new pair of rollar skates song" in my head. speaking of mark walburg. i just watched him in max payne last night and boy was it awful. two hours i can never have back. i would highly recommend him in shooter though, now that was a good movie and he's very sexy in it.