Wednesday, February 25, 2009

LFW: Luella & Louise Goldin

One of the highlights of London Fashion Week for me is always Luella Bartley - her show is one of the main ones I count down to. Luella's Fall 09 collection continued her iconic BritGirl look, but is somewhat more mature and tougher. Cute dresses (building on the shapes and layers of her Spring 09 collection) and youthfull details featured, as did lots of utilitarian/military details (reminiscent of her Fall 07 collection) - this new/old Luella worked well, strengthening her look and reminding us why we love what she does.
Love the gold tights and back with black and zip details. Great hats too - confederate caps, and slouchy beanies (cute, boyish, useful). The oversized military jumper dress would be insanely handy - especially those massive pockets (you almost don't need the satchel - but def want it anyway.) I also covet the tweed coat, washed out sixties hair and makeup, and the bags.

The slick black collection from Louise Goldin blew my mind. This is how all black should be done - so rich and dark, but with the subtle sheen from the leather. The dresses are the standout for me - so many amazing details; leather panels, cut outs, amazing necklines.
And she also gives us some fun with fur, sequins ans sparkle - which works so well with the foil of the black.
The coats are also really strong - quite bold silhouettes. And naturally I covet the leather pants.
Source: Style.Com


Vintage Tea said...

Louise Goldins collection was one of my faves. I loved it!

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kiki said...

yes, russh is amazing as seems to get better and better every edition i think. loved the luella show...the two karlie kloss pics you showed were my favourites....

Emma said...

Karlie is def one of my favorites, she gets better and better with every season and editorial! Cant wait for Russh.

Cindy said...

russh is the best mag in the world, overall. great read, great editorials, great layout. as for luella, my fav. designer. that tweed coat is too perfect and i need my hair to be even longer now.

Emma said...

Oh cindy me too! Trying so hard to grow it, but the ends are all split and its fried in general - but It will get there. Im going to use my new Bumble&Bumble surf spray for the first time today! Attempt to channel olsen/wasson.