Saturday, February 7, 2009


Oh I had to laugh lastnight; We were in the bathroom of a club, and out of the seven girls in there, three were wearing this bodysuit (my friend, and two others - I have one too, but was wearing a different bodysuit from Ruby, will post on it soon - its v cool.). 

Needless to say, we bonded. What saved the moment from being potentially catty was that this is such a staple, classic basic! Probz would have been a different story if it was something more unique/eyecatching. I love being a girl sometimes.
Speaking of American Apparel, these are what I'm currently wanting (but am waiting till our NZ dollar improves)...

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Stephanie said...

lol! I love that club bathroom anecdote cause I can really picture the scene! I just bought the sheer bodysuit- i'm in love with it! its sooo hot with a black bra and a blazer over top.