Friday, January 2, 2009

Peter Stichbury

As promised, heres a proper post on Peter Stichbury - one of my all time favorite painters. He's an amazingly talented New Zealander (recipient of lots of awards too). Working mostly in acrylic on linen or canvas, his work deals with themes of beauty, perfection, artiface. He distorts and exaggerates his models features so that what was one beauty, now looks alien and strange - exploring the fine line between beauty and ugliness. His work "accentuate the manicured angst and carefully crafted existentialism" of the fashion industry. His subjects seem alien, cold, aloof and asexual.

Charity 2001

Liberty 2001

Constance 2001

Glister 2000

I was lucky enough to get to see the first major retrospective of his work at Te Tuhi gallery - and it was an amazing experience. Words cant describe the beauty (both visually and technically) of his paintings. I love that his work comments on the fashion industry, without resorting to ugliness, cheap tricks, or harsh commentary. 

Clockwise: The Girl From Rendelsham Forest 2004, Alice Vanderliner 2005, Daphne 2001, Lily 2004

Ps: He has also painted Lily Donaldson!!

Lily Donaldson 2006

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kayolaswan said...

I luv these paintings!, inspiring!