Friday, January 2, 2009

New Years Resolutions

Go To More
Make the effort, buy tickets, rope in friends - and go too all the things I always mean to (concerts, festivals, markets etc)

Throw Myself Into My (New) Degree
Having changed degrees, and starting the new one this year (so excited omg), I am determined to put my everything into it.

Push Myself Further Sartorially
I already dress pretty "Weird But Cool" (fave phrase of me and Brigette - eg "Wow I love your bikeshorts, t-bars, ton of jewelry and leather vest.. It looks really cool, but weird, but cool!") but want to push myself further, especially as I will be out of the suburbs this year and at fashion school.

Take Care Of My Hair
I definitely have not been kind to my hair lately; bleached it white for all of 2007, and then spent 2008 mostly neglecting it and straightening it too much.

Surround Myself With Great People
I want to be around like minded, intelligent, cultured people - they are by far more interesting and fun, and they appreciate the person you are.

Watch All The Films On My "List"
Im sure you all have a "Films To Watch" list too. I really need to hack away at mine, especially now that we are finally getting a new TV (our old one is 16 years old, and my sister broke the DVD input point - so there have been no DVDs watched in our house for a long long time.)

Ditto My Book List
The pile of books beside my bed is INTENSE... But as the only time I have to read is on my break at work at West Coast Coffee, I don't really want to lug my big coffee table tomes like Influence to work with me. So I must make other time!

Search For Everything On My Clothes List
Okay I am a list fiend. I have this massive list of pieces I want (but can't find in stores).. I really need to track down as many as possible (weird small town opshops, internet, beg/steal/kill.

Put More Luxury Into Life
This was one of last years resolutions too (after reading Rachel Zoe's book "Style A to Zoe" - actually inspiring believe it or not) and it was a real success! So I want to take it even further, as it makes life so much more pleasurable and exciting.

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