Sunday, January 4, 2009

Body Issue

Just finished reading the January 09 Harper's Bazaar "The Body Issue", and its got some really interesting tips and tricks that I am so going to try.

Lifting Weights Technique
3 sets of 10 reps only burns fat thats under the skin. To burn fat in the muscle you should do 25 reps of the heaviest weights you can lift.

To keep muscles long and lean

Lengthen and loosen tight muscle, and prevent damage (0h if you insist then)

Chewing food well aids the digestive system (mine is a mess)

Cold Blast
Cold shower/water on your legs improves both circulation and tone. Apparently most leg problems (cellulite, tone, bloating) is caused by poor circulation (something I already know I have, my dark under eye circles, red fingers, chilblains and renauds prove)

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