Thursday, January 1, 2009

Shiny And New

This is exactly how New Years Day morning should look, and it does...

I love where I live! I wake up to it every morning - but today is the first time I have done so on the first of January (am usually hungover/dirty/tired/traumatised at some "Hot Spot" destination around the country). As I had to work right through this year (eg I have to open the store at 8:30 today, which meant getting up at 6 - which I do every day regardless) I spent last night with my family. I can honestly say it was one of my nicest, most meaningful New Years yet - my sister, mum and I went out for a delicious thai meal at Thai Spices (had a heartfelt Deep&Meaningfull) and saw The Curious Case of Benjamin Button...

 Its a stunning film - amazing themes and messages (time, aging, not wasting life, everyones imperfections etc), shot beautifully (amazing the way they did all the decades) and Brad Pitt is breathtaking in both his performance and his physical perfection. Amazing film!

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Stephanie said...

I love how you used the word "snap"!! A really goo friend uses that word and your use of it was identical to hers! love it!

So glad you had such an awesome nye!!!
those pics are gorgeous!

I really want to see the curious case...maybe tmr?!