Wednesday, April 29, 2009

RAFW: Kate Sylvester & Antipodium

Kate Sylvester's "Take A Hike" collection was, by all accounts, a slam dunk for the kiwi contingent over at RAFW. Looks I loved most were the ones that stuck to a pastel palette of khakis and pretty baby blues and pinks. Who'd have thought that khaki shorts could actually look covetable? Also love the Props to K.S. Love the knitted shorts in the second look - Ive been nagging Mama for months to knit me a pair, so will def up my game. And the pants/socks/whatevertheyare combo in the third shot looks amazing. Want some! And the harness-y things the models were wearing are super cute to!

Love love Antipodium's collection - grungy/sexy/frumpy/boyish. All these pieces are pretty much perfect;  loose tanks and singlets, bike shorts (I've been addicted to my short ones all winter, now wanting a longer length pair after seeing this look)...
.. And lots of sexily baggy (and perfect blue) denim - who'd have thought? And that socks and sandals could look super cute?! Thats a look thats been growing on me lately thanks to some collections, editorials, and Chloe Sevigny at Coachella.

RAFW: Illionaire

Love the bold shapes at Illionaire. High waist hotpants (aka underwear) paired with croptops and blazers and vests = super hot. Wish it was publicly acceptable to wear shorts this small.
Great black and white print - reminds me of television static, and works great with the black details.
Love the twisting and gathering.. And the hats and headpieces made of flowers. Super cute and nice contrast with the graphic, bold clothes.
Nice menswear too. Skinny shorts and layering of big tees and low neck tanks.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

RAFW: Therese Rawsthorne

The collection from Therese Rawthorne is also one of my favorite shows so far. Another designer that played (v successfully) with white/nude/black to create a dressed/undressed collection that flirted with combining tailored and lingerie, and sheer with opaque.

Gorgeous semi-sheer white cotton pieces. Love the (lace? crochet? mesh?) leggings and jumpsuits that were panelled with white silk.
Lots of the looks worked with a gorgeous soft palette of creams, coffee tones and sunbleached blue. Im loving the tailored jackets over structured, nude lingerie pieces.
Similiar looks were also executed in black, which gave them a whole other look. The cutouts were sharper, and the mesh more in our face. Love the linear effect of the seems on the sheer black pieces. And those panelled leggings! I NEED a pair pretty much now!

RAFW: Camilla And Marc

The show from Camilla And Marc is def one of my faves so far. Gorgeous palette (and a constant favorite of mine) of creamy nudes, beiges and whites. 
Love contrast between the silks, high sheens, and crochet, yet done in harmonious colours. That dress on the far left is gorgeous and I am so wanting the crochet cropped top on the far right.
The killer looks however were undoubtable the black/denim/gold babies. A comment on Isaac Likes said it looks like "Balmain meets Wang meets Ellery" and she is so right. There couldnt be a sicker collection lovechild. I would kill for every piece in these looks - super luxe gold + faded, soft, ragged denim = most beautiful, wearable contast.

RAFW: Bec And Bridge & Nicola Finetti

Crochet, lace, body con, gold chainmail... Need I say more? Gorgeous pieces from Bec & Bridge, and while Im not 100% adoring all the styling, so many pieces would be super perfect right in my closet and would be worn a million times over. Even the gold chainmail.

Love the shapes from Finetti - assymetric, contrasts, panelling. Great use of texture too. Hot little night time dresses for sure. Not that I really wear that sort of thing, really should start though.

RAFW: Arnsdorf & Dion Lee

Ive been loving cropped tops lately - still yet to find the perfect cropped tee unfortunately - so I understandably adore these looks from Arnsdof. Love that they executed something thats quite loaded with connotations (youth, 80s/90s, sometimes trashy) in elegant fabrics and paired them with great bottoms like the silky wide leg pants (rarely see a pant in that style thats so gorgeously fluid and delicate) and the tan pants (female chinos much?) and safari-esque shorts.

After falling in love with his designs online and in Australian Vogue, I was super amped to see Dion Lee's new collection. And he certainly did not disappoint, getting rave reviews. The general consensus seems to be he is a bright new hope for the future of Australian fashion.
The collection was slick, sexy and futuristic - thoroughly modern as opposed to the retrofuturism weve been seeing a bit of lately. Tailored, sculptural but still very fluid. Lee pushed his use of cut outs, panels and folds even further. I die for those insane jackets - elbow cut outs anyone? Seriously doesn't have nice elbows.

RAFW: Friedrich Grey

Love these looks from the Friedrich Gray show from the eve of Rosemount Australian Fashion Week. The all black palette lets the texture, cut and shape really shine. Leather panels contrast beautifully with sheer layers. Love the details on the cropped top on the far right; zips and sheer panelling.
Source: The Vine

Monday, April 27, 2009

Two Wheelers

God I wish Auckland was flatter... So jealous of everyone overseas looking super chilled on their bikes. And Mary Kate's has a basket! Classic. Love the jewelry combo and the big navy smock dress.
Source: Olsen Files

Coral Sand

The colours in this are gorgeous... Creamy tans and and sea green - works so well with the deep shadows and washed out colours. Stunning body lines. And ballet points at the beach? Love.

Numero #103 May 2009 " Coral Sand"

Source: Model Couture

Sunday, April 26, 2009

26/04/09: Mary Kate

The girl can do no wrong in my books.  Love the loose floaty - lovely faded, aged look to the fabric. Im still seriously coveting a pair of Lennon glasses, and a perfect satchel. And even though these are just pap-snaps, the colours in the whole shots are gorgeous; brickwork, lighting etc.
Source: Olsen Files


I love Anja Rubik, but much prefer her in editorials than on the runway - and heres a perfect example why..
The blonde mop and endless tanned limbs are perfect - especially here. I've been coveting crisp white origami dresses ever since seeing the one that Stella McCartney showed for Spring 09. Love the cut outs and patterns of the second shot, rendered perfectly in a nude palette.

Numero #103 May 09 "L'Hirondell" Anja Rubik

Source: Model Couture

26/04/09:'s Party Pics

The shots from Chloe's Melrose Place store opening party are some of the best Party Style shots I've seen in a long time. Hosted by two of my faves - Chloe Sevigny and Kate Bosworth. Both looked stunning. Love that The Boz's stunning skirt from the Fall collection was teamed with a top from pre-fall. And Im still coveting that scalloped white blazer.
And love the looks an Angela Lindvall and Mary Kate at Chanel's Tribeca Film Festival dinner.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Maurie And Eve

I love the all the lookbooks for Maurie And Eve's collections - stunning, and all flow on from one another. Gorgeous colour and lighting - and v natural looking. They are a ubiquitous feature in Russh, and are a perfect fit with the mags aesthetic. 

All the pieces are super covetable; chunky knits, sequins and crochet anyone? Yes please. Very on trend yet they don't veer towards the cliche or common. The vintage references are just right. Love the grunge/luxe semi-hippie style.

Winter 09

Autumn 09

Summer 08/09

Spring 08
Source: Maurie & Eve

New Goodies: Doc Martens & Karen Walker

Ok I lie, these aren't exactly new. Ive had them a few weeks, but have been to lazy to charge my camera. I finally found the perfect pair of vintage docs - at Tatty's in Ponsonby - a now I dont know how I've survived without them! So comfortable and warm for my circulation-deprived feet. And just before my little sisters birthday I went into Karen Walker to buy her a couple of little goodies (hairtie, keyring etc) and what did they have? Some new chunky skull ropes. Snapped one up on the spot. And LOVE it.

25/04/09: Street Style and Bloggers

Im loving seeing all the fashion coming out of the Northern Hemisphere as they transition into spring and summer - I'm always jealous of whatever season they are having, probably because the bloggers, streetstyle photogs and fashion mags make it look so appealing. When we were in the heat of summer I was lusting after army jackets, fur gillets and thigh high boots. So I pretty much torture myself year round. Clever.

Dan Martensen: Abbey Lee

I dont know why its taken me sooo long to  note Dan Martensen's amazing work, but suddenly it seems to be popping up everywhere I look. Abbey Lee is one of my favorite girls (and a fellow aussie) - so I understandably love these shots. Martensen is amazing at capturing the girls' natural style and beauty (like the Erin Wasson shots I posted previously).
Ps: How hot is that Alexander Wang full length lace body suit. Seriously.

Dan Martensen Abbey Lee for Exit Magazine

Source: Fashionista

Friday, April 24, 2009

Alexander Wang: Pre Fall 09

God I love Alexander Wang's Spring 09 collection. Sexy grungy athletic perfection. It doesn't get much better than a fringed leather sweatshirt.. Seriously. Except maybe if its on Karlie Kloss.

Source: SRC783 

Coachella 09

I so want to go to Coachella one day.... Hot sunny music festival? Heaven. As are the clothes. I think my fave is the washed out stars and stripes dress on Aggy...

...And that crazy hot black lace dress.

Sneak Peek: Russh May/June Cover

Ohmygod. The cover of the next Russh is heart stoppingly beautiful. Words cannot describe. How the hell am I going to wait?!
Russh May/June 09

Marianne Faithfull

Not long ago I read Marianne Faithfull's autobiography Memories, Dreams and Reflections. I seriously recommend it - such a great read. Quite thoughtfull and perceptive. Her style in her from the sixties is a constant influence - perfectly encapsulating the preppy/bohemian look that came from their lifestyle and thats so iconic of that period in Britain. The big square sunglasses and perfect double breasted coats and jackets from Karen Walker are perfect.
Clockwise from Top: Karen Walker Crazy Deep Freeze sunglassesKaren Walker Fall 08, Lover Altamont collection, Karen Walker "The Believers" SH Winter 09, Ksubi Ishil Speckled Tortoiseshell, Lover "Sacred Hearts" Initiation dress, Karen Walker Aviator Jacket, Karen Walker Double breasted frock coat.

More Dan Martensen

After seeing those gorgeous shots of Shannan Click yesterday, I had a look at more of Dan Martensen's work.. And pretty much died when I saw his shots of (my idol, as you know) Erin Wasson. They are stunning, and totally capture not only her style but also her life.
I love love this shot... It doesn't get much cooler than this.
.. Except maybe that studded leather jacket does.
And off the Erin tangent, Im not usually an Aggy fan - but I really love this.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Here Comes The Sun

I've always been a total sucker for sunsoaked editorials of girls in fields wearing gauzy white dresses - probably stemming from my childhood obsession with Picnic At Hanging Rock. Its so timeless and romantic, soft and feminine. Love the combination of sheer fabric and backlighting.

Shannon Click by Dan Martensen 

Source: Model Couture

J'adore Chanel.. Always

Chanel just never dates. Every season Lagerfeld reinvents the classic aesthetic of the house in a new, fresh way - yet you can still look back at the archives and both old and new have a chic timelessness. Claudia, Linda and Ali are the epitome of beauty and style no matter what era we are looking to them from.

Claude Maus Winter 09

These looks from the winter range of winter range Melbournian label Claude Maus are stunning. There's something primal and almost animalistic about the layering of the fluid leathers and fur. I die for those leather skinnies. My poor wardrobe has had an aching great hole for so long for a pair like those..
Source: Claude Maus

23/04/09: Good As Gold

I love that Wellington store Good As Gold has an online store now. Although I'm not usually a skirt girl (as anyone who knows me can attest) I am covetting these tight little babies. The Salasai and Stolen Girlfriends Club ones both have a similiar silhouette - v sexy. And I die for that mens Claude Maus tee (am hunting EVERYWHERE for some galaxy print pieces). And does that maze necklace look like something out of The Labyrinth or what!
Left to Right: Salasai Zipped up skirt, Stolen Girlfriends Club Black skull pendant, Claude Maus Galaxy tee, Stolen Girlfriend's Club Suspender skirt, Turn Me On Design Ringmaze pendant, Lover Lovebomb leather skirt.
Source: Good As Gold

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Strummer Winter 09

I've just discovered new Australian label Strummer... And I covet! They started in 08 and are inspired by "folk music, mystical muses, modern day culture and a refreshed retrospect". It touches on the current sixties/seventies trends yet is restrained and modern. Their aesthetic reminds me somewhat of Lover, so I'm sold. So wanting that crochet hoodie and the lace bodysuit. Like now.
Left to Right: Freedom Fields T tye dye, Leather Vest, Angora Long Johns; Lace hoodie; Please Sir Blouse & Rickitie Pants

Left to Right: Crochet Hoodie; Wini Mini Vest & Crochet Bodysuit; Freedom Fields dress
Source: Strummer

Editorials: Vogues Germany, China, Paris + Crash Magazine

This girl (Meghan Collison) looks like the lovechild of Natasha Poly and Freja Beha (if only that was possible). Stunning. Love the colours of this editorial too - warm, slightly washed out - and they contrast beautifully with the long dark hair and rich shadows.

Vogue Germany May 2009 "Dream On" Meghan Collison

When I first saw these of Sasha I would have put money on them being from French Vogue - but they are actually from Vogue China. Love love the Balmain outfit in the third shot.

Vogue China May 2009 "Denim Chich" Sasha Pivovarova by Terry Richardson

And I'm saying it again, but no one does denim in editorials quite like Vogue Paris.

Vogue Paris May 2009 "Le Soleil en Perspective (The Sun in Perspective)"

Crash Winter 08/09 "Aztec Camera" Lydia Hearst